G’Day, Mate!

I have come a long way from Australia—my home country.

During my 40 years in business I have traveled all over the world, but now I call America my home. I did not think I would be going to Australia any time soon (but my father’s last wish was for me to come back to Australia to see him, which I did prior to his passing). While in Australia—even in the midst of all the sorrow—I found my Australian culture very comforting.

The Australian sceneries, music, and especially the great cuisine, provided me much solace at a time when I very much needed that comfort. With that said, I then realized I would need to decide what the next phase of my life would be. Everyone wonders what their legacy will be. I am no different.

I was then ready to bring the culture and flavors of Australia to my new home here in Arizona. I created the concept of The Great Australian Bakery so there could be a little slice of home right here in Scottsdale, and for anyone looking for a delicious treat Australian style. Our menu consists of meat pies, pasties, sausage rolls, and delicious desserts—such as our lamingtons, matchsticks, and vanilla slices.

We welcome newcomers excited about experiencing some new foods from a different culture and, of course, our fellow Aussies looking for some nostalgic tastes from their homeland.

Please stop by and enjoy!

Laurence Lindahl, Owner